Hans Nissen

Hans Nissen is a family man living in Hämeenlinna, Finland with his wife and two daughters. In his spare time he tries to document his life and surroundings in comics that are mostly autobiographical. Over the years he has worked as a translator, letterer, commercial illustrator, bookshop owner, colorist, writer and graphic designer, but is probably best known for his publishing venture Kreegah Bundolo and his own comics. In 2008 Hans quit drawing for several years, but decided to give it another go in 2014 and was soon hired to design the visuals for Love & Anarchy film festival 2015. He has since tried to develop a looser approach to drawing, but is still probably the slowest artist in Finland spending most of his time worrying about his work instead of actually working. He has published several self-published booklets of comics and prose of which the most recent are Saatanan perkeleet (2016) and Sokea piste (2017).

Hans Nissen also creates music and has a YouTube channel.

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